Nearby Year Round Residential Communities: Connestee Falls, Sherwood Forest, Big Hill
  • Sherwood Forest Residential Community has 200 Homes
  • Directly across from property
  • 18-hole golf course

Cedar Mountain Quick Stop Convenience Store & Gas Station, 8433 Greenville Hwy (Brevard NC) is at the center of...

tourism - Waterfalls - Mtn Biking - Campgrounds - Dupont recreational state Forest - Sierra Nevada & Oscar blues breweries - golf courses

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  • Cedar Mountain, NC
  • Transylvania County
  • Nearby cities: Brevard, Hendersonville, and Greenville, SC
  • Connestee Falls Residential Community has 1,300 homes and is located 2 miles from property
  • 18-hole golf course

  • Nearby DuPont State Forest has 700,000 visitors per year